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Suggested Reading

The following list of papers, books and reports address various aspects of financial stability.  Many of them focus on or are motivated by the recent financial crisis of 2008.  If you have suggestions for extending this reading list, please send your suggestions to

BIS-IMF-FSB (2009): Report to G20 Finance Ministers and Governors: Guidance to Assess the Systemic Importance of Financial Institutions, Markets and Instruments: Initial Considerations, October 2009.

ECB (2010a): "Analytical models and tools for the identification and assessment of systemic risks," Financial Stability Review, June 2010.

ECB (2010b): "New quantitative measures of systemic risk," Financial Stability Review, December 2010.

G20 Working Group 1, 2009, "Enhancing Sound Regulation and Strengthening Transparency: Final Report," March 25.

Kindleberger, C. and R. Aliber, 2005, Manias, Panics, and Crashes:  A History of Financial Crises, 5th edition.  New York: John Wiley & Son.

Minsky, H., 1982, Can "It" Happen Again?: Essays on Instability and Finance.  New York: M. E. Sharpe.

Alessi, L. and C. Detken (2009). ‘Real time’ early warning indicators for costly asset price boom/bust cycles: A role for global liquidity. ECB Working Paper, No. 1039.

Borio, C (2010a): "Implementing a macroprudential framework: blending boldness and realism", keynote address for the BIS-HKMA research conference, Honk Kong SAR, 5-6 July 2010.

Borio, C and M Drehmann (2009a): "Towards an operational framework for financial stability: 'fuzzy' measurement and its consequences", BIS Working Papers, no 284.

Caruana, Jaime (2010): "Macroprudential policy: could it have been different this time?" speech, and

Reinhart, C and K Rogoff (2009):  This time is different: eight centuries of financial folly,  (Princeton University Press: 2009).

Acharya, C and L Pedersen, T Philippon, and M Richardson (2010): "Measuring Systemic Risk," working paper, March 2010

Adrian, T and M Brunnermeier (2008): "CoVaR," Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report no. 348,

Huang, X and H Zhou, and H Zhu (2009): "Assessing the Systemic Risk of a Heterogeneous Portfolio of Banks During the Recent Financial Crisis," Federal Reserve Board Finance and Economics Discussion Series 2009-44

Capuano,  C (2008): "The option-iPoD. The Probability of Default Implied by Option Prices Based on Entropy," IMF Working Paper 08/194 (Washington: International Monetary Fund).

Gray, D and A Jobst (2010): "Systemic CCA - A Model Approach to Systemic Risk," paper presented at conference sponsored by the Deutsche Bundesbank and Technische Universitaet Dresden, 28-29 October 2010

Khandani, A., Lo, A. and R. Merton, 2010, "Systemic Risk and the Refinancing Ratchet Effect," working paper, MIT.

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Nijskens, R. and W. Wagner, 2011, "Credit Risk Transfer Activities and Systemic Risk: How Banks Became Less Risky Individually But Posed Greater Risks to the Financial System at the Same Time," Journal of Banking & Finance, forthcoming.

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Billio, M and M Getmansky, A Lo, and L Pelizzon (2010): "Econometric measures of systemic risk in the finance and insurance sectors," NBER Working Paper 16223, July 2010

ECB (2010a): "Analytical Financial networks and financial stability," Financial Stability Review, June 2010.

IMF (2009b): "Assessing the Systemic Implications of Financial Linkages," Global Financial Stability Review, April 2009, Chapter 2

Sterne, et al (2010): "Should Central Banks have a RAMSI?," Chief economists' workshop, Bank of England, May 2010

Alfaro, R and M Drehmann (2009): "Macro stress tests and crises: what can we learn?", BIS Quarterly Review, December, pp 29-41.

Hirtle, Beverly., T. Schuermann,  K. Stiroh "Macroprudential Supervision of Financial Institutions: Lessons from the SCAP," Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Report No. 409.

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Brunnermeier, M and G Gorton and A Krishnamurthy (2010): "Risk Topography," working paper, Princeton, Yale and Northwestern Universities

Duffie, D (2010): "Systemic Exposures: A 10-by-10-by-10 Approach," working paper, Stanford University,

Lucas, D., 2010, Measuring and Managing Federal Financial Risk.  Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

Sapra, H. (2008), "Do Accounting Measurement Regimes Matter? A Discussion of Mark-to-Market Accounting and Liquidity Pricing", Journal of Accounting and Economics 45, 379-387.

Chan, N., Getmansky, M., Haas, S. and A. Lo, 2006, "Do Hedge Funds Increase Systemic Risk?,"  Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economic Review Q4, 49-80.

Getmansky, M., Lo, A. and I. Makarov, 2004, "An Econometric Analysis of Serial Correlation and Illiquidity in Hedge-Fund Returns," Journal of Financial Economics 74, 529-609.

Hu, X., Pan, J. and J. Wang, 2010, "Noise as Information for Illiquidity," working paper, MIT

Khandani, A. and A. Lo, 2011, "What Happened to the Quants in August 2007?: Evidence from Factors and Transactions Data," Journal of Financial Markets 14, 1-46.

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Kritzman, M., Li, Y., Page, S. and R. Rigobon, 2010, "Principal Components as a Measure of Systemic Risk," working paper, MIT. Geanakoplos, J (2010): "Solving the Present Crisis and Managing the Leverage Cycle," FRBNY Economic Policy Review, August 2010.

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Khandani, A., Kim, A. and A. Lo, 2010, "Consumer Credit Risk Models via Machine-Learning Algorithms," Journal of Banking & Finance 34, 2767-2787.

Kritzman, M. and Y. Li, 2010, "Skulls, Financial Turbulence, and Risk Management," Financial Analysts Journal  66, 30-41.

Systemic Risk Research

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