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The Center for the Study of Global Financial Stability

The Center for the Study of Global Financial Stability brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines and helps form a broad community of scholars, policy-makers, regulators, and market participants who are working for the common goal of a stable, transparent and efficient, global financial system.

The center is working towards providing a non-commercial, neutral body that can engage a broad range of partners and help facilitate and engage in research efforts that will develop a better understanding of the complexity of the global financial markets and help improve financial stability.  In addition to addressing issues related to the improvement of data management, the center will help facilitate and contribute to the development of new tools and knowledge that can be used to create the next generation of monitoring and evaluating approaches that are needed for financial market stability and transparency in the 21st century. These approaches are intended to help improve macro-prudential regulation, result in better informed policy decisions and foster industry-led, market-driven stability activities.

The primary consumers of this research would be the Office of Financial Research, the European Systemic Risk Board, the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund and substantial Market Participants.